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Second Edition Now Available

Born into a World at War

What is it?

Born into a World at War is a collection of memoirs written by thirty members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1965. The contributors write about the effects of World War II on their lives. They were all born during the war, on almost every continent and cut across the lines of Allies and Axis—they write in personal terms about the influence on non-combatants of the most devastating war in history. The contributors bear witness to the impact of war on children and families, still an urgent concern when conflict is once again everywhere and threatens the future of children born into today’s wars.

A book for posterity

The stories in this book reveal a lot about the time when we were born. It was different from today but also much the same in surprising ways. Whole populations are still being displaced from their homes; we still have arguments about resettling refugees; we still have fierce political debates. With luck and determination, perhaps the world will be a safer, saner place seventy years from now—and, yes, that’s how long ago the Second World War was. In any case this book should prove fascinating to our descendants.

The Second Edition - a gift for your descendants

Born into a World at War arose from a symposium at the 30th reunion of the Harvard-Radcliffe class of 1965. The first edition was published by St. Jerome Press and sold out immediately. It has been out of print for the last fifteen years. Now a new, revised, second edition is available and you, once more, have the opportunity to acquire this book for yourself, for your children, and for your grandchildren.  As one member of our class reports:

"I have given copies to each of my descendants. Most of my grandchildren are now too small to care about this but the time will come when they are curious about their forebears and when they will be interested in the state of the world when their grandparents were born."

How to order

You can order copies directly from the University of Massachusetts Press. You will find the book here.

The Coop has ordered copies of Born into a World at War and it will soon be on the shelves there.