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For our 45th Reunion Symposia, we have chosen to focus on “The Next Chapter” in our lives. While honoring reflection fully, we are choosing to look ahead with all the wisdom and energy that we can muster. Some of us are retired, but many of us are still working as hard as ever. Some of us have changed the direction of our lives altogether. As we get older, many of us have found skillful ways to marry our personal passions with our professional and public endeavors. Because we realize more and more that little ultimately comes to fruition without great personal commitment and sacrifice, we are encouraging our panelists to share their own personal interests and passions in their respective fields of expertise. We hope that they will introduce us to the problems and projects that they themselves most urgently want to address in the coming years.

Friday, October 15
Harvard Hall

Symposium: Human Vulnerability—Our Personal Next Chapter

This symposium will focus on aging intelligently and creatively—how we can stay healthy potentially through our 75th Reunion. Many of us are transitioning to less work and more leisure, and remaining thoroughly engaged in these novel venues presents a genuine challenge. Some of us have begun to foster the work of younger colleagues entering our field. Health in all its manifestations, personal loss, and changing patterns of living figure prominently here as well, and new careers are even part of the mix. Ultimately, of course, facing our own mortality becomes central.

Panelists include:

Jonathan Kolb—Psychoanalyst.

Leroy Parker—Oncologist.

Teri Motley—Minister after Changing her Career.

Michal Goldman—Filmmaker.

Moderator: Nancy Blackmun—Psychologist and Psychoanalyst.

Friday, October 15
Emerson 210

Symposium: America’s Changing Place in the World—Emerging Chapters

This symposium will focus on America’s shifting position in the world politically, economically, and culturally. Societal change and innovative ways of working together globally will be central.

Panelists include:

Rick Hertzberg—Senior Editor and Staff Writer for the New Yorker.

H. Rodgin Cohen—Attorney in Global Finance, Senior Chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP.

Thelma Awori—Retired Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

Sarge Cheever—Former Diplomat, Department of State

Moderator: Joel Havemann—Former Reporter & Editor for the D.C. Office of the LA Times.

Friday, October 15
Emerson 210

Symposium: Life of the Planet—Future Chapters

This symposium will focus on the challenges that the world faces with regard to energy, population, climate change, and nuclear destruction in the 21st century. In particular, we are interested in what our panelists are currently doing and what they think needs to come next in meeting these challenges in a creative way.

Panelists include:

Jeff Bingaman--Senator from New Mexico

Joel E. Cohen--Professor of Populations, Rockefeller & Columbia Universities.

Jonathan Schell--Writer, Author of The Fate of the Earth.

Dan Schrag--Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Moderator: Margaret (Peggy) deBeers Brown--Retired Public Utility Attorney, San Francisco.

Saturday, October 16
Sever 113

Symposium: A Full Life—Writing The Next Chapter

This symposium will be conducted in a small discussion group format after initially convening in a large group for a very short period. It will focus on what leads to “A Full Life,” and the emphasis will be on looking forward—what we all still want to do, how we can move toward integrating who we are with who we want to be. The work of many theorists is relevant here, but we will endeavor to avoid adhering to any prescriptive models in this series of discussions.

Discussion group leaders will include:

A dozen classmates from the HR Class of 1965.

Moderator: Charles W. Styron, Psychologist in private practice, Former architect.

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