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Each Reunion, beginning with the 25th, the Class of 65 has conducted a survey. The results have been quite interesting, particularly the different perceptions of our Harvard and Radcliffe class members. The more classmates who take the time to participate, the more accurate the results are. Thanks to Ginny Jordan and Arch O'Reilly we once again have a comprehensive survey for our enjoyment and edification.

David Mersky has made it possible for us to respond to the survey online. The survey is full of thought-provoking questions, which make it interesting to complete and will, no doubt, generate enlightening responses.

The survey is completely anonymous and there will be time at the 50th reunion to go over the results. We will also post results on Thank you for your attention.

Arch O'Reilly and Virginia Jordan

PS: We had 110 responses to the 40th survey and 215 to the 45th. We hope to do even better this time! So please respond now.