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The Reunion is almost upon us and we have a lot to cover this month. Quite likely you have neither the time nor the patience to read all of this, but please do scan the headlines and see what might interest you. Quite a lot of this information is not available elsewhere!

Register for the Reunion

This would be a good time to register. You can do so online, or you can download a printable registration form.

Golf Outing

Gene Skowronski has once again organized an outstanding golf outing.  It will take place on Monday morning, May 25th, before the main Reunion schedule starts. You can find full details here.  This promises to be an first-rate outing, so, if you play golf, be sure to take a look.  (No need to bring your own clubs.) If you would like to participate or would like further information, please contact Gene Skowronski at or by telephone at 203-734-3315 (work) or 203-305-5754 (cell). A prompt response would be greatly appreciated. Please indicate your USGA index, handicap or usual score for 18 holes. Also please leave all of your contact information and cell phone numbers in case there are any last minute changes.

50th Reunion Symposia

We have an exciting schedule of symposia arranged for the reunion.  You can read all about them here.

Charles River Cruise

Wind up the reunion with a festive flourish! We have reserved one of the Charles Riverboat Company boats, with room for 75 people, for a two-hour cruise up and down the river starting from the Newell Boathouse around 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 28. There will be a cash bar and fairly substantial hors d’ouvres (those with light appetites who havebeen eating all week may not feel the need for more supper). The price per person is $55, prepaid. Classmates who indicate interest on the reunion registration form will be provided with payment instructions. First come; first served. Last year the Class of '64 sponsored a similar cruise that sold out immediately. So if the idea of gliding past the scenes of your youth and the new Boston skyline in the glow of the setting sun seems appealing, don’t hesitate too long to sign up.

Susan Milmoe

Bird Walk at Mt. Auburn Cemetary
Tuesday, May 27, 7:00 AM
Shuttle bus departs from Quincy House 7:00 AM, returns 9:00 AM.

I will be leading a bird walk May 27 at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Mt. Auburn Cemetery is a “must” for any and all ornithologists, of whatever level. Its rich variety of trees, bushes, and ponds attracts more species than any other area in the Greater Boston region. All the “regulars” will be there, but in addition we can expect to see Baltimore Orioles nesting and a large variety of flycatchers, swifts, and swallows. There is a good chance of catching a Scarlet Tanager, a Cedar Waxwing and an Eastern Kingbird. The two ponds should give us a Mute Swan and a Great Blue Heron.

Although the height of the warbler migration is the second week of May, we should catch the tail end of the warblers. Seen in the past have been the Palm Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, Northern Parula Warbler, and Wilson’s Warbler.Bring binoculars and warm clothing. Expect a slow walk of about one mile.

Arthur Shurcliff

Display of Classmate's Work

Is there a book, an article by or about you, a CD, a photo, a painting, a poem, a magisterial memo...or any tangible creation of yours that might give your classmates a sense of you and at least one of your interests over the last fifty years? Submitted items will be arrayed on tables in the Quincy Junior Common Room, our registration area and reunion “home.” (Alas, we expect to have space for only one item—or small stack or portfolio—per person. But we warmly encourage you to browse the Creative Works and Publications sections of our class website before the reunion and. if you would like to display your work there, let the webmaster know) To facilitate planning and the preparation of placards, can you email a brief description (including approximate measurements if not obvious) and a brief title to Susan Milmoe or Arch O’Reilly (, by April 30.  We’ll have the placards arranged on the tables ready for you to deposit your items as soon as registration starts on Sunday. You’ll leave them at your own risk but the room will be locked when student volunteers and HAA staff are not on duty. Please let Arch and Susan know if you have questions or need to make arrangements to mail items in advance or have them picked up and mailed back to you.

Susan Milmoe

Music at the Reunion

Starting with the 25th, our reunions have been enriched by special classical music provided by our pianists Ursula Oppens and Phillip Moll, oboist Allan Vogel, and, more recently, Phillip’s wife Yuko, who is a lyric soprano. You may remember Ursula’s Boston Pops solo and the musicale at our 25th, and at our 35th, Tison Street’s composition played with Pops by Allan, and the glorious concert in Sanders with our musicians and the stars from the 25th reunion Class of ‘75.

As we did at the 25th, we will sit at tables on the floor of Symphony Hall, where we can order beverages and light snacks. Ursula and Phillip are the soloists for the concert and will play Mozart’s concerto for two pianos.

The memorial service will open with Ursula playing Schubert’s sublime Impromptu #3. Accompanied by Phillip, Yuko will sing a Shakespeare poem set to music by Gerald Finzi, and Allan and Yuko an aria from a Bach Cantata. One of the hymns in the memorial service, “All My Trials, Lord, Soon Be Over”, will be familiar to you from our own era of the Sixties. Allen Hopkins will accompany us on guitar.

There is less formal music as well. Tom Rush is putting together songs from our youth for his performance on Monday evening, Allen Hopkins will lead his traditional hootenanny afterwards, and the band at our final dinner on Wednesday will play more Sixties music. You can also vote for your favorite Sixties songs on and may find them threading through other parts of the reunion.

Nancy Blackmun


Continuing a tradition started at our 25th reunion, a post-concert “Class Hootenanny” is scheduled for Monday night in the Queen’s Head Pub in Mem Hall basement. Classmates and guests, still buzzing with folkie enthusiasm after Tom Rush’s performance, are invited to share their music––from Baez and Dylan to Old Crow Medicine Show––in an open sing-around, facilitated by Allen Hopkins, who’s been coordinating these reunion sings since 1990. Some spare guitars will be available, listeners as well as singers are welcome, and requests will be honored––to the extent our increasingly unreliable memories can come up with them. We hope the pub ambience will evoke those well-remembered evenings at Club 47.

Allen bought his first banjo from the Crimson classifieds in 1961, and since retiring from civil service in 2001, has devoted himself to folk music in the Rochester NY area. Currently he logs over 200 gigs a year, playing anyplace that’ll have him, from nursing homes to regional festivals, schools, museums, historical societies and concerts. He’s collected six dozen string and reed instruments, most of which he can play passably. He hopes that other H/R ’65 folkies will join him in harmony, to recall our days in the “great folk revival.”

Allen Hopkins

Seven Sisters Survey
Wednesday, May 27th, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM, Science Center

Who are we?...then and now. Join classmates for an informal discussion of the Seven Sisters 50th Reunion survey with Karen Walton, Vassar ’65, holder of two master’s degrees in mathematics, including one from Harvard, and a PhD. in higher education administration. Karen initiated this 50-year review of educated women in our cohort. Compare and contrast the results with our 1965 H/R class survey. All classmates, spouses, and significant others welcome!

Linda Summers

Harvard Art Museums Update

Good news! We have arranged to provide the Harvard Art Museums with a list of reunion registrants in advance, and you WILL be able to identify yourself and get in for free on Sunday without the badges (which won’t be available till registration begins at 4 PM). Again, the museums are closed on Monday, Memorial Day, and our schedule is packed for the rest of the week, so if you’re interested in exploring the amazing new space at a relaxed pace do plan to come early. The museums open at 10 AM and close at 5 PM.

Susan Milmoe

Campus Tours from the Crimson Key

We have evolved over the course of fifty years and so has Harvard! On Sunday evening and Monday morning students who are Crimson Key members will lead walking tours (roughly an hour long). You’ll enjoy their lively descriptions of undergraduate life today and recapitulations of history both recent and ancient. Departures from the Quincy House Courtyard.

5:00 PM What's New at Harvard
5:00 PM Art and Architecture at Harvard
6:00 PM What's New at Harvard
6:00 PM Harvard Yard
10:00 AM Harvard Yard
11:00 AM Art and Architecture at Harvard
11:00 AM What's New at Harvard

Radcliffe Day on Friday, May 29

There are frustrations with this event which may make it difficult for you to plan your time and travel. The paper mailing for it went out recently, but, in a departure from previous years, there was an announcement last fall that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was this year's recipient of the Radcliffe Medal. The result was that the day was immediately oversubscribed. Thanks to Alice Davies, there will be 50th reunion tables in the tent at the luncheon, but they will probably not accommodate all of us. A simulcast in Radcliffe Yard is being offered. Whether it will include overflow for the luncheon is not clear. If you did not register for the event until your paper invitation came, at best you will have been told that you are on a waiting list. The waiting list is now closed. Radcliffe will let wait-listed people know in May whether they can get a ticket. Tickets are required, and there are no walk-ins. See for additional information or email with questions.

Nancy Blackmun

Academic Regalia

Several classmates have asked if it's appropriate to wear academic regalia for either the morning or afternoon Commencement events. Harvard feels (reasonably) that this would detract from the graduates, so the answer is no, please wear street clothes.

Update on the Ten-Minute Talks

In early April, the Selection Committee chose eighteen presenters for the Ten-Minute Talks and informed them. We had many strong nominees, more than we could accommodate. For that matter, nearly every member of the Class, male or female, probably has something interesting to say and is articulate enough to make it engaging. The selection was difficult and some people will be disappointed. However, we think we've come up with a good line-up, including some that involve more than the human voice. Though there will not be time for any questions during the presentations, we hope that they will spark a lot of conversations.

Those who weren't selected but still want to speak will be given preference at the Open Mike Session to be held Sunday evening. If you would like some mike time Sunday evening, please e-mail Herb Motley.

We will publish the names of the presenters and their topics in a forthcoming reunion schedule and on

Sarge Cheever and Katharine Redmond

Whale Watch from Provincetown, MA

Wednesday, April 22nd

Just a quick reminder that Janet Whelan has organized a whale watch for interested classmates. She will also host a dinner at the Beachcomber's Club in Provincetown after the excursion. You can see more details in last month's newsletter.

Affinity Groups at Wednesday's lunch
The luncheon on Wednesday, May 27th, will include an opportunity for classmates with shared interests to sit together. You have already had the chance to suggest groups on the registration form. There will be a photography table and probably many others. If you have suggestions email Susan Milmoe or Arch O'Reilly.

Class Survey

Well over 300 classmates have already taken the online class survey. If you haven't already responded you can join them at  The deadline for completing the survey is Thursday, April 30th.

Photos from the Sixties

There are over 50 photographs from our days in Cambridge in the album "Shots from the Sixties". If you have some pictures and haven't yet contributed, send them to