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This month we have lots of news about our upcoming 50th reunion and a number of requests for your help and suggestions. First some news:

Tom Rush to Entertain Us in Sanders Theater

Tom Rush, Harvard '63, will entertain us in Sanders Theater after dinner on Monday night. For those of you who don't know him, Tom started his singing career in 1961; he was a regular at Club 47 and has written and recorded many songs as well as introduced famous songs from other songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor.

Five years ago, carried a link to the "Remember" song. Here's a link to Tom perfoming the Remember Song. Tom's work encompasses a range of ages, stages, and styles with a common thread of his wide-ranging understanding of life's fits and foibles. He is also a superb raconteur with an easy-going but subtle humor. You can learn much more about Tom Rush on his AllMusic page.

Don't miss out. This promises to be an outstanding evening. Thanks to Kevin McCullough for research on Tom.

Pre-reunion Events

It's always good to have something important to look forward to and one of the ways to share in the anticipation of our 50th reunion is to attend or host a pre-reunion gathering.

Gene Skowronski has been the first to host an event. The tailgate before the Harvard-Columbia game was a great success. Others in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC are already planning gatherings where they live. Any of us can create a pre-reunion event in our own locales. It could be a simple cocktail party, an elegant dinner, a sporting event, a trip to a museum, a concert, or a hike in the wilderness. A whale watch, a dance party, an informative talk, or fishing trip are other suggestions. Any excuse to reach out to classmates for fun and connection is possible. As the coordinators for these events, we encourage you to make a plan and to let us know about it. We will try to disseminate information and facilitate in any way We can!

Janet R. Whelan (
Kevin McCullogh (

Call for “10-Minute Talk” Speaker Nominations

In recent reunions other classes have found that Ten-Minute Talks are an extraordinarily successful part of their fiftieth reunion. Last year, sixteen speakers gave ten-minute presentations on subjects they wanted to share with their classmates.

We are asking you for nominations for possible speakers—including yourself. Given what we saw at the ’64 reunion, personalexperiences, often life-changing, were the most gripping. But we’ll consider a presentation on any subject, including musical or visual ones. Verve, articulation and an interesting topic will make a presentation successful.

We already have some nominations, but we want to cast the widest net possible. Please submit your nominations as soon as possible to Katharine Record Redmond (, with a brief description of your nominee’s interests. Or you can encourage your nominee to contact Katharine directly with a brief description of his or her interest.

Selection will be a difficult process, especially if there are a lot of nominations. Some people will inevitably be disappointed, no matter how interesting their proposed topics. There’s no way to be completely objective in selecting speakers, but we hope to offer classmates a diverse and interesting selection of presentations.

Katharine Redmond (
Sarge Cheever (

Suggestions Sought for Symposium Speakers

We are planning several engaging symposia for our 50th Reunion, and we would like to solicit your speaker suggestions for one of them. A brief description of the Symposium follows:

Planning for the Seventh Generation—Global Meaning

Most of our plans extend for a few months into the future—or at most for a few years. In the crucible of geological time, however, all of human history comprises a mere blip on the screen. If we are to survive as a species for very long (in fact, for much longer), we need to start thinking bigger with a significantly longer time frame. This symposium will explore the issues of reconciling current global needs and behaviors with the requirements for long-term global sustainability.

In this particular symposium we are looking for several individuals who are knowledgeable and authoritative about the subject at hand from any of following perspectives (or possibly others): population growth and distribution, global finance (and economic inequality--its threat to stability), climate change, species extinction/diversity and/or environmental degradation/restoration, parallels to other civilizations such as Rome’s later days, sustainable economic and political development, etc. We particularly hope to include some futurist thinkers who are looking beyond current trends to see what might unfold if we take the challenge to change our planetary patterns now.

Linda Dewing (
Charles Styron (

Gene Skowronski on the 50th Reunion Kick-off Event:
Harvard v. Columbia football game and tailgate

We officially "kicked off' our 50th reunion year at our first pre-reunion event, the Harvard v. Columbia football game preceded by our tailgate party. Briefly, it was a blast!

It was a beautiful November fall day with a temperature of about 50 with little (at least at the beginning) wind. It was perfect New England football weather. Just under twenty classmates and spouses were in attendance.

Our tailgate location was in the first row of the parking lot, thirty feet from the closed end of Harvard Stadium. On one side of us was the Harvard Class of '67 and on the other the Harvard Class of 2011. It was a lovely tailgate party with good food and copious drinks. Highlights included a Champagne toast to our 50th Reunion, our living and deceased classmates, Harvard and the Harvard football team. We toasted with Veuve Cliquot Champagne, a marque which dates back to 1772, and was reputed to be the favorite Champagne of Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, when he lived in Paris. We also sang a medley of Harvard football songs. What we lacked in musical ability we made up for with enthusiasm and great camaraderie.

We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of football with Harvard winning over Columbia 45-0. The Harvard team has a potent offense but in this game, the Harvard defense scored three touchdowns on interceptions and set up a fourth touchdown by recovering a Columbia fumble on the Columbia three-yard line. We had wonderful seats high above the Harvard 40-yard line with a spectacular view of the action on the field. Everyone enjoyed the game and was impressed with the skill and determination of the Harvard team. All in all, it was a splendid afternoon.

With assistance from the Harvard football team, we kicked-off our 50th reunion year in grand style. We look forward to other, pre-reunion events and to seeing all of you at the 50th Reunion itself in May, 2015.

With Best Regards,

Eugene A. Skowronski, Reunion Committee Member

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