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Reunion Schedule

We have posted a tentative reunion schedule on You can see it by clicking on “Reunion Schedule” under “50th Reunion” in the menu bar to the left of the home page. This is true regardless of whether or not you have registered for the site.

Ten-Minute Talks

If you've decided to come to the fiftieth reunion, you've probably noticed that a new feature has been added to our usual reunion activities. We're planning to have fifteen or eighteen classmates give ten-minute presentations of subjects of interest to them. (Some presentations may be non-verbal.) We've scheduled three sessions, each lasting one hour and fifteen minutes, featuring up to six presentations each over the course of the reunion. We've asked classmates to suggest other classmates or even themselves as presenters. So far we've received about forty suggestions. The cut-off date for receiving suggestions is March 1st.

March will be a difficult month for the speakers selection committee, as it must whittle down the list of 40 or 50 candidates to eighteen or so presenters. We hope to inform the presenters of their selection on or about April 1st. That will give them eight weeks to get their presentations into final shape.

Some candidates will be disappointed that they weren't chosen. But remember that the purpose of the reunion is not only to renew old friendships, but to make new ones. There'll be plenty of opportunities to talk to one another privately and share what the last fifty years have meant to us individually.

If you have a suggestion, please send it to either Sarge or Katharine:

Sarge Cheever
Katharine Redmond

Ideas for Shared-Interest Activities

We would like to include shared-interest activities in our reunion; possibly gatherings of people who were involved in activities such as the Crimson, WHRB, or sports teams. Other possibilities might include “a fun run” or other similar activity.

We are soliciting suggestions and names of people who would like to participate or help coordinate events. Attention birdwatchers—Anne Pearson and Arthur Shurcliff have already agreed to co-lead an expedition to Mt. Auburn Cemetery early Tuesday morning. And friends of football can plan on a get-together late Wednesday afternoon. )

We also plan to have “affinity tables” at the Tuesday and Wednesday lunches—probably organized around Houses one day and majors the other. Suggestions of other groupings are welcome.

Thoughts about favorite faculty?

Several classmates have expressed a desire to reconnect with fondly remembered faculty members. We’re thinking of trying to schedule some sort of event. Are there former professors, lecturers, or teaching fellows YOU’D like to see again? If so, please supply names (preferably with assurances they are indeed alive and in the area!) and, if you can, contact information. We’ll keep you in the loop as this idea evolves.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Jamie Hoyte
Susan Milmoe

Who's Registered at

I thought it might be interesting to see which of our classmates have registered for At the moment (1/6/2015) we have just under 500 registered users. That’s a bit under the half of the classmates for whom we have a working email address. (Continued on, you must register to see the rest of this article.)

Photographs from the Sixties

Help!  We have a few photographs from our days in Cambridge on but I’d love to be able to post some more. I know that we didn’t all carry around cell phones with cameras in 1961 but many of you must have some pictures tucked away. Please, scan them and send me a copy;or mail me the photograph and I will scan it and return it right away.

Have you Uploaded a Profile Picture?

A select 128 of the 491 registered users of have uploaded profile pictures. Join them! It’s easy to do. When you first log in, you will see a floating message in a yellow box that reads:“Hello Classmate! Don’t forget to upload a picture of yourself for your profile here.” Just click on the word “here” and follow the instructions. Email if you need help.

OK, that’s all the nagging for this month.

OK, that’s all the nagging for this month.