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What was your favorite music from the '60s?

Mother-in-Law • Help • I Fall to Pieces • Silhouettes • We'll Sing in the Sunshine • Puff the Magic Dragon

Thanks to Teri Motley we now have the Billboard Top 100 Pop songs from our undergraduate years on You can vote for your favorites and Teri will look for the music so we can play some of it at the reunion. Also, and this is a lot of fun, all of the songs are linked from so you can listen to them online.

Just to give you an idea of how long ago this really was, here's a link to the number 11 song from 1961. (I'm NOT voting for this one, I just thought it was worth seeing! Look out, though, there are hours of Lawrence Welk on Youtube.)

So please visit the polls, listen to the music, and be sure to vote.

Take the Class Survey

Each Reunion, beginning with the 25th, the Class of 65 has conducted a survey. The results have been quite interesting. The more classmates who take the time to participate, the more interesting the results are. Thanks to Ginny Jordan and Arch O'Reilly we once again have a comprehensive survey for our enjoyment and edification.

David Mersky has made it possible for us to respond to the survey online. The survey is full of thought-provoking questions, which make it interesting to complete and will, no doubt, generate enlightening responses.

The survey is completely anonymous and there will be time at the 50th reunion to go over the results. We will also post results on Thank you for your attention.

Register for the Reunion Online Now!

You can register for our 50th reunion online at the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) site. Please note that the class website ( is run by the class, independently of the HAA site. You will need to use your HAA User ID and Password at the registration site. Your credentials will not work. Sorry! (If you haven't registered with the HAA, you will have the opportunity to do so on their site.)

Harvard Art Museums

After years of renovation and construction, the Harvard Art Museums reopened in November in a spectacular new home, combining the Fogg and an adjoining building designed by Renzo Piano, which offers greatly expanded exhibit space. (See A number of classmates have already expressed interest in visiting during the reunion. Admission will be free with your reunion badge, which you can pick up when registration starts at 4:00 on Sunday, May 24, but be aware that the museums will be closed on Monday, May 25, Memorial Day, and that our schedule is packed for the next three days. Art lovers who are hoping for a leisurely browse might want to consider paying the $13 senior admissions fee on Saturday or Sunday.

Susan Milmoe

Early Bird Reunion Bonus: Sunday Evening Open Mike,
May 24th, Quincy House Dining Hall, 7:30 - 10:30 PM

Our class overflows with talents and ideas and our four days already showcase many classmates, yet many others might like to share thoughts or perform before the Reunion.

If you needed a reason to come to Cambridge on Sunday, please do include this informal evening in your plans. We'll be right across the street from the famous Club 47 (aka Tommy's Lunch), so in the spirit of the 1960s Coffee House we welcome any classmate with ideas or performance to share them with us on Sunday evening. We'll have a microphone available, but not much else, so bring your own stage props, instruments, or other surprise forms of expression. As you begin to think about taking part on stage, plan to keep your piece to about 5 minutes. (We'll have a hook ready if you go on too long!) If you would like to be included, please contact Herb Motley,, with a brief description of your talk or performance to help pace the evening. Last minute spontaneous additions will be welcome as time allows. We want to provide air time for anyone who wants to join us.

Herb Motley

April 22nd Whale Watch from Provincetown, MA

There will be a whale watch event for classmates on the Cape starting in the early afternoon on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd. Tickets will be available at a discount price (about $39) on a whale watch boat out of Provincetown and the excursion will be followed by a picnic supper at the Beachcomber's Club in Provincetown. This club is an historic gathering place for artists and writers which has been in existence since 1916. It is on the water, and in an old ship rigging building. It is not fancy, but fun and full of art. There will be free parking at the pier until the end of April and the Beachcomber's Club is within walking distance of the pier. We will be joined by other Harvard and Radcliffe alumni who live locally. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Janet R. Whelan

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Our class started out with close to 1,600 members; we can now reach about 1,060 by email and another 180 by snail mail; 539 have registered on; 153 have indicated on that they plan to attend the reunion; the class website lists 258 books by classmates; 206 classmates are listed as deceased on the class "In Memoriam" page; 20 are plain missing.