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Save the date!  Class Luncheon

The Class Luncheon will once again be held in the Faculty Club starting at 12:00 noon on Thursday, April 25th, 2024.

Classmate Group Works to Relieve Hunger

After Joel Cohen’s talk on child hunger at our 55th reunion a group of our classmates banded together to help raise money for Save the Children, a charity recommended by Joel. If you would like more information contact Matt Stolper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

55th Reunion in Boston - May 2022

The delayed reunion held in May was a great success.  You can see video of the symposia and talks and much else if you log in.

One-minute talks video

The video for the recent Zoom meetings is linked on the inside of this site.  You must log in to access it.  If you haven't signed up yet, there are instructions at the foot of this page.

1929 Radcliffe Polo Team

55th Reunion of the Class of 1910

The Harvard Class of 1910 held their 55th reunion in 1965.  As best I can tell the class numbered about 800, not counting Radcliffe (things were different in 1910).   According to their 55th Reunion Report, 450 members of the class had already passed on.  That is about 56% and compares with 15% of the Class of 1965, including Radcliffe.

We have been fortunate enough to live a charmed life.  Very few of us died in foreign wars, perhaps a handful in Vietnam but nothing compared with the losses other classes suffered in the major wars of the last century.  We also benefited from antibiotics, which we take for granted, but which may not be effective much longer.  In spite of the differences, it is startling to see how familiar some of the concerns expressed in the Class of 1910’s 55th Report seem.  Here are a few samples:

I am retired and tired, but manage to rise to the occasion.
                                                          Hampton Ray Allen.

...Here, for the present at least, I can deteriorate without evoking notice or comment...
                                                          Seymour Lansing Andrew

Elisabeth and I still have our hearing and eyesight but run at reduced speed.
                                                          Charles Melville Baker

I am still busy writing books.  The number of my published books has passed fifty…
                                                          Henry Thomas

Thanks for the memories – of the Gay Nineties – horse cars, trolleys, hansom cabs and hacks, wonderful puffing steam engines, fairy tales, Alice, Rollo, Dickens, Scott, Thackery, Louisa May Alcott, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, The Youth’s Companion…
Thomas Charles Quinn

Somewhat to my surprise I find since retirement, that I have unlimited ability to do nothing happily.  Also, now that I am home most of the time, I am somewhat shocked at the tremendous amount of hard work which my wife does just to keep the house orderly and supplied with the necessary food and materials.
                                                          Frank Rollins Maxwell

It is pretty clear that the class of 1910 was fond of their secretary.   Charles Shepard Lee observes: “I now have a second summons from our genial and illustrious (also industrious) secretary---Leon Leonidas Little.  Remember him, from the pre-convention literature of our Twenty-fifth Reunion?”  There are many similar comments.

In Little’s report we find the following:

(“Now that college athletics are on the wane,” The New Yorker’s “Talk of the Town” would observe, “the Yale and Harvard Clubs have been reduced to competing in the number and rank of the men they have in the services.  The competition would seem to have been conclusively and triumphantly ended by the Harvard Club, which included a tabulation of members in the armed forces in the March issue of its Bulletin.  At the top of the list…is a modest notation: ‘Commander-in-Chief---1.’”)

It is also striking how many of the names are familiar.  Harvard has recently been criticized for its policy with regard to legacy applicants.  Certainly our class had many members with relatives in the Class of 1910, and I suspect that recent classes have included many of our descendants.   That may be because of a policy of favoritism but I prefer to believe that it is due to considerable effort rearing our offspring.

 Born into a World at War

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Maria Tymoczko a second edition of Born into a World at  War is now available.  The class has a limited number of copies available.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.



Class Photo

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