HR 65      Class News

Dear Classmates,
To the 150 classmates and guests who came to share our reunion on May 13-14, 2022 we send thanks for your participation in so many different ways.
To those who didn’t come this time, we offer a few highlights here. There are pictures, recorded symposia and talks on the website, thanks to our webmaster amazing Bill Bean who has tied it all together in a beautiful format.
First, the venue: Holding the reunion in the Harvard Club of Boston worked so well. Everyone agreed that the gracious and elegant spaces far surpassed anything a hotel could have offered. People were able to stay at the Club or the adjacent Eliot Hotel, and other spots nearby. Parking was available. It was all accessible, and the staff were exceedingly helpful and professional in every respect.
Next, the program: the Friday evening poetry readings and folk music were unique and inspiring. Poets Sarah Kafatou, Sarge Cheever, Elizabeth Latzer Pooley and Don Singley read their own work. Elizabeth Block and Alan Hopkins shared their musical interpretations andbeautiful folk music!
Our Memorial Service was stunning. Despite missing the glory of Memorial Church, Harvard Hall at the HCB was an intimate venue which shone with respect and honor for those no longer with us. David Mersky and Teri Motley led us through hymns and prayers, and offered an especially moving recital of the classmate names that so many of us treasure. The music, so thoughtfully put together by Nancy Blackmun, with Phillip Moll, Yuko Takemichi Moll, Alan Vogel, and Janice Tipton brought tranquility and harmony to all attendees.
The Symposia were put together mainly by Charles Styron, with a sub-committee of Katharine Redmond, Alice Davies, Sarge Cheever, Bill Bean and Linda Dewing. The topics were lively and relevant, and some unexpected magic permitted depth in presentation despite rather short time frames. Our classmate speakers were altogether amazing: Curt Freed, Craig Whitney and Howard Gardner on Public Discourse moderated by Gail Falk; Peter Bronstein, Geoffrey Carliner and Joel Cohen on Inequities, moderated by Charles Styron; and Sarge Cheever and Jeffrey Race on National Identity, moderated by Alison Brooks. We encourage you to look and listen to these sessions on the website. It is a marvelous thing that we have such very talented and thoughtful classmate-experts to offer considered opinions and observations about the contemporary issues of our times.
The meals were varied, very well presented, and managed to please everyone.
Singing our traditional football songs, plus an inspired and energetic performance by the Krokodiloes, closed up the day full of such energy and connections.
On Sunday, for 55 classmates and guests who wanted to say goodbye in a more leisurely way, Susan Milmoe coordinated a Charles River boat cruise. It helped that the weather was altogether perfect as well as we watched Cambridge and Boston float by while catching up, or sharing memories with classmates not seen on the filled days before.
If you think this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! It seemed to just about everyone that it was one of our best reunions. We all look forward to gathering again at our 60th Reunion in 3 years. It will most likely be held in late May or early June around Commencement. We hope you will come!
One result of this that we see already, is that there is a real wish to reinstate the spring Class Dinners that we held for so long, thanks to the management by Alice Davies. Others are stepping up to take on the challenge, so keep that in mind and plan a trip to Cambridge in the early spring. Details will come later…
All best wishes for a healthy and relaxing summer
Gene Skowronski and Linda Dewing

Co Chairs – Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1965 55th Reunion